Testimonies for Avignon Original Cream & Always 29 Cream

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Avignon Original Cream and Always 29 Cream are made in the same way with the same ingredients, but in different ratios.



Avignon Original Creams are hand made with the waxes of wild rose petals. It is the finest most natural cream that money can buy. Due to the large amount of wild rose petals that are required, production quantities are very limited.

Here are a few testimonials from 100's that we have received.

1. I am 47 yrs. old and was getting lines around my eyes and smile lines on my face. I have used Avignon Cream for 1 year and they have completely disappeared. I highly recommend it. The best cream I have ever used. C/Alta

2. I use Avignon cream for my stretch marks and they are becoming less noticeable each day. PG/BC

3. I used avignon cream before I had my baby. No stretch marks. K/BC

4. Your cream is incredible for reducing wrinkles.

5. I want to look as young as long as I can, and since I have been using Avignon cream people tell me I look younger. P/BC

6. I have had acne scars on my face for more than 20 years. Avignon cream is making them disappear. V/BC

7. My daughter has had bad eczema for years and scars from scratching. Your cream not only clears up her eczema but the scars are vanishing. V/BC

8. I am past 70 and didn't think it was possible to reduce my wrinkles until I used Avignon cream. It is the most wonderful cream I have ever used. K/BC

9. I use your cream on my face all the time. It reduces my wrinkles, sun spots and other blemishes. V/BC

10. My whole family uses your cream. It's great. AB/BC

11. My sisters use your cream and they are starting to look a lot younger then before. Whatever it is, it works. I would like to buy 2 large cream please. Win/MAN

12. My grandmother uses your cream to heal pre-cancerous spots removed surgically by her doctor. She says that the cream heals her skin better then anything else. K/BC

13. This cream does heal eczema. It healed up my 18 month old grand-child's eczema on her cheek. Her doctor tried many things without result. V/BC

14. I am allergic to most sunscreens and break out badly. Your cream is the best sunscreen I have ever used, I didn't have one reaction all summer. Kam/BCyea


Testimonies for Avignon Acne Solution

ACNE 1-2-3

For pimples and acne

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Avignon Acne Solution includes our finest non-scented soap and Achillea mist spray. It is the finest, healthiest and most effective acne skin solution that money can buy, yet the price is very low. In most cases it clears up pimples and acne within days, and can be used as a preventative.

Here are a few testimonials from 100's that we have received.

1. I have tried many acne products, even Acutane. Your Acne solution is the best. I feel very good using it. K/BC

2. My acne was bad and it cleared up right away with your Acne Solution package. V/B.C.

3. Thank you for producing this wonderful natural acne solution. It works. K/BC

4. I have been trying to get rid of my acne for years. Your acne solution cleared it up in days. T/Sask

5. I have had side effects with all the drug store acne products I used and they just don't work. Avignon works great and I feel good using it. K/BC

6. My son used your acne soap and mist spray for only a week and it has completely cleared up his acne. R/BC

7. I can't believe how good your soap and mist spray is for acne. It clears it up in days. K/BC

8. My daughter has had acne all her life and your Acne package cleared it up in days. I would like to buy 5 packages for my teenage grandchildren. E/AB

9. Your Acne soap, shampoo and spray is the best. V/BC

10. I suffered from itchy scalp and bad acne on my forehead until I used your soap, shampoo and spray. It cleared them up in days. N/ALB

11. My daughter had bad acne on her back and face until she used your Avignon package. I would like to buy 2 more packages for her and 5 shampoo for myself. V/ Alb

12. Your Avignon package works great on my son's and daughter's acne. 2 packages please. V/BC

13. We tried dozens of acne products ad my son's acne just got worse. Your package works great. V/BC

14. My friend gave me this package for my birthday. I love it. It's great for my skin. PG/BC

15. My acne just kept getting worse from all the products I was using. Avignon works great and I recommend it all my friends. Vic/BC


Testimonials - AVIGNON SOAPS

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Avignon Soaps are hand made according to a 14th Century purity law from Avignon France. Prior to coming to B.C., we hand crafted and sold them in eastern Canada. During this time we received 100's of testimonies from all over North America.

A few are as follows;

1. the first time in 15 years. It's great stuff. Please send me 5 more bars. MM/PE

2. I recently purchased a bar of your Avignon soap and I'm hooked. Please send 12 bars to: CB/Little Rock AR

3. I bought some Avignon soap from you in St. Andrews, NB. It's the most beautiful soap for my skin that I have ever used. Please send me 4 bars. RS/MA

4. My friend in England asked me to buy 6 bars of Avignon-soap for her. It's the only soap she can use on her skin. Boyce/NB

5. Your soap woks great on my son's psoriasis and we would like to order 6 bars. TB/NS

6. My girl friend is going through radiation & chemotherapy. Her skin is very sensitive. She says that Avignon is the only soap that makes her skin feel good. Boyce/NB

7. I travel all over the world and like to buy soap. your soap is by far the nicest soap I have ever used. DA/Texas

8. Your soap is the best I have ever used on my psoriasis. B/NB

9. Avignon-Soap is really good for my son's eczema. It clears it up better than his medication. B/NB

10. My daughters had very ad acne until they used your soap. Now they cry when we run out of the one with Achillea. B/NB

11. I've had a rash on my neck for as long as I can remember. Your shaving soap cleared it up in one day. B/NB

12. I bought a bar of your Avignon shampoo in Fredricton. I love it. Send me 60 bars for the girls in my office. MS/Seattle

13. Your soap is the best for my acne. I treasure it and save it only for my face. St. Andrews/NB

14. Why is your soap so much better for my daughter's eczema then others? Is it because it has herb Achillea in it? DD/NY

15. I use your avignon soap on my face. It makes my skin soft and smooth. I used to have acne.

16. I have very sensitive skin that breaks out easily. Your soap sooths it and keeps it clear. I would like you to send me 10 bars of Avignon Soap. CC/Victoria

17. My friend gave me bars of Avignon soap and shampoo for my birthday. I just love it. It helps my acne a lot. Please send me 3 more bars of each. Moncton/NB

18. My son goes to McGill now. He asked me to pick up 4 bars of Avignon soap for him. He says it's the only thing that clears up his skin. B/NB

19. Please send me 10 Avignon soap with herb Achillea. Is Achillea the reason why it is so good for my skin? PL/Arizona

20. I would like to buy 10 shampoo. I'm traveling in Europe for 4 months and I don't want to use liquid shampoos because they give me a rash. Your shampoo is the only one that is good for my hair and skin. B/NB

21. My dad likes your soap. He uses it on his psoriasis. It seems to help him a lot. B/NB

22. I live in Paris and have very sensitive skin. I used to go to Marseille for soaps but your soaps are much better. R/Paris

23. I would like to buy another 10 bars of Avignon soap with Achillea. Our farm workers like this the best. It seems to heal their hands and stop the skin from cracking. B/NB

24. My mother gave me a bar of your Avignon soap for my baby. She has very sensitive skin and develops a lot of rashes. It works great. I'm going to buy 2 bars. B/NB