Achillea - a very special plant for the skin

The plant Achillea is native to Europe and grows east all the way to Mongolia and China. It has been known for tens of thousands of years to be very good and healthy for the skin.

In Europe it was named after Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan War. According to Homer, he healed the wounds of his warriors with this plant. It is also written that Achilles received his incredible strength and speed from this plant when his skin was rubbed with it, by his mother, when he was a child.

The magical substance of the plant was known as Ambrosia. The Gods of ancient Greece and Rome rubbed it on their skin to make them very strong and to live a very long time, to be immortal.

History tells us that in ancient Mongolia around 2600 BC, a plant identified as Achillea was used to benefit respiration, to invigorate the skin and muscular system, to brighten the eyes, to promote intelligence, and if rubbed on the skin for many years to keep you young and healthy. This is very likely the same plant used in ancient India and Persia, which was known as the sacred Soma or Haoma.

In ancient China, the plant was used in much the same way as in Mongolia and was regarded as sacred. In I CHING, stalks of Achillea were used for divine announcement or oracle by people of great knowledge. Tai Chi, through I CHING, was the training of the warrior to be very strong, healthy, a winner.

Pliny and Diosorides in the first century AD talked about Achillea, how good it was for wounds and bruises and a type of illness similar to rheumatism and arthritis.

In modern day Persia it is still used for greasy skin as a facial cleanser and in a mask to keep woman young and beautiful. It is even rubbed into the skin for colds, headaches and to regulate menstrual periods.

The Achillea we use grows in the forests of New Brunswick from a species that is native to the Fontainebleau forest in France. The Acadians must have brought it over in the 16th century.

We harvest the wild plant in such a way that is continues to grow each year. We prepare and process the Achillea in a proprietary way, with the same degree of care, respect and reverence that made Ambrosia, Soma and Haoma so special.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of this wonderful healing plant, and that you use and enjoy our completely natural products with the greatest confidence. We have made every effort to bring you the finest products possible, so that all the good things and attributes that Achillea is known for, will come your way.

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