For the next few months this website is dedicated to JACK LAYTON, a great Canadian, who tried to fight for all Canadians, but died going through Therapy fighting CANCER.

No one will ever know if a cure for CANCER is possible, but every effort, every possibility, from every source, should be pursued, rather than discouraged.

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Avignon Products are made from 14th century recipes that come from Avignon, France.  These luxury products were made for the Papacy, Royalty, and the Kings and Queens of France.  The recipes call for only the finest and purest of natural ingredients mixed with pristine spring water according to a purity law.

We believe that these recipes go back thousands of years, to ancient Greece, Persia, China, even to Egypt and Jerusalem, and they were treasured for their remarkable cosmetic and healing properties.  

*PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the large amount of wild rose petals and other forest plants that go into our products, production quantities are very limited.